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This is a young organisation and we need your support and prayers. So get involved!

How to get involved

  1. Pray that our objectives will be fulfilled beyond our imaginations
  2. Donate online (click here) to support some of our projects listed below.
  • Tracts and evangelistic tools production
  • On-demand TV series (documenting testimonies and covering issues that can prompt people to share the good news)
  • Jesus billboards in strategic locations (airports, train stations, the underground etc)
  • Website maintenance
  1. Volunteer

You can join our team. Please contact us to indicate the area that you would like to voluteer in.

  1. Tell others about this website and write your comment in our blog, facebook and twitter.
  2. Visit our e-shop and order materials as gifts and evangelistic tools
  3. Share your talent with others; a lot of the resources on this website are freely shared by others
  4. Contact us to register as a member - Join the great company of people who publish the word of God (Psalm 68:11). This will be ideal if you also want to contribute to any section of this website and/or support righteous causes that we may want to pray and advocate for in the near future. Also get the latest news; and have access to free samples of our PubliciseJesus materials like Jesus hand bands, pens, stickers, tracts etc.

Christian members are welcome from different backgrounds, cultures, nations and tribes to contribute to this website.

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Host (Volunteer)

Christiana, PubliciseJesusIn 2008, a friend living in the city where I live, Oxford, in the United Kingdom (UK), told me that she had asked an Asian sitting beside her on the bus if she had heard about Jesus. The woman replied, “What type of food is that?” This pierced my heart and I knew that my set time had come to do more for God and cease to be at ease in Zion. Through prayers and inner conviction, I am persuaded that now is the time for you and me to do more for God and join the great company of those who relentlessly publish His words and perpetually share the gospel of Christ.
Join me to blast the whole world with the name and deeds of Jesus and let us win and save as many as possible.

If you want to know more about what we do or want to know more about Jesus Christ and grow in the knowledge of His will, or if you have any comments about this site or my blog. please send us an email at

Thank you and God bless

“Whatever you do …….publicise Jesus”

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